In water

Shooting underwater must be one the best things on the planet. There are colors and bubbles and people flying all over and a lot of silence. 

Of course it’s not easy to get a good shot. Sometimes I might shoot 200 pictures but I’ll only like two of them. First of all you have to learn how to stay under the surface, then if there’s too much movement the water will start getting dusty after a while and of course there’s always the issue of getting someone to pose while keeping their face relaxed even though there’s water going up to their brains through their nose. Does that sound painful? It’s probably because it is. But, if you get one good shot then you’re happy until your next shoot. 

Here’s a couple of pictures from this weekend’s adventure:

Mermaid In water

“Do you remember your name?”

Now what kind of a question is that? I won’t say anything about that yet, instead I will take you on a quick trip back in time.

Eight years ago I made a short film called Object Displaced,  a story inspired by my childhood years and filmed in my grandmother’s house where I grew up.

I never wrote the script down, the ending was never clear in my head and I wasn’t sure how to explain the story to the only two people that helped me shoot. I did however know, how I wanted the film to feel and that meant that I knew exactly how to shoot it.

The first scene is a take on my own childhood which was demonstrated with coral and cyan colours, a color palette very common in Mediterranean houses and nature,  sun rays coming through the windows and camera work that resembles someone’s point of view when dreaming.

The second scene is about being an adult and forgetting about the bonds with the past. This was a desaturated scene with a limited color palette, which was used as a reflection of my heroine’s inner state.

Eight years later, I woke up one day and kept thinking about the first scene of Object Displaced-a girl moving out of a house when her phone rings. I always thought that the phone rang probably because the moving company or a friend had arrived to help her out. Turns out that it was a bit more complicated than that. So today I shot a short scene where we see what is happening on the other side of the phone line.

I won’t say anything about the photography of this project until the whole thing is edited, but since this was meant to be a visual blog,  here’s a link to Object Displaced and some stills from the shoot today.




Fish Tank Adventures

Lobsters, flamingos and a sauna in the desert . My mind took a very strange route this morning when I was trying to think of what you’re suppose to say in the first post of a blog. Anywho, after googling flamingos for about half an hour I decided that I’m just going to post this link of an underwater shoot I’ve been working on:
Now that we got that out of the way, I’ll wrap this up because it’s 2am and there’s like 3 of you reading this. If you plan to shoot underwater wear sunscreen, tie your camera around your wrist and don’t forget where your light source is.
That is all for now. Over and out.