Skid Row Love

A few months ago I shot a movie called Skid Row Love.

B. called me one day and said that he had two stories for me to choose from. He sent me both of the scripts. Read the first one, liked it but wasn’t too sure about it, so I set it aside. When I started reading the second one I knew from the very first scene that I wanted to shoot it. After I finished reading I called B. and asked if it was some sort of a dark comedy, because I honestly didn’t know what the genre  was. There was a lot of smart dialogue, with some pretty funny lines but what was happening in the actual story was not that funny.

He said that it wasn’t meant to be a dark comedy but other people who read it asked the same thing.

I agreed to shoot it. A few hours later he sent me a bunch of very disturbing pictures and said “This is the look we’re going for”.

I sent him the bathroom scene from Trainspotting for inspiration and said that it was one of my favourite drug movies. Of course this was the reason why when we started shooting he decided to change one of the scenes and have the main character look for the murder weapon in the toilet instead of the sink.

We spent 3 full days in a tiny apartment that was full of garbage, fake blood, dirty walls and weird smells all around us. Setting up a new shot every half an hour was very difficult because we had to move a pile of garbage and find a corner that was not covered in sticky corn syrup with red food colouring to set the camera.

Everyone who was working on the set, the AC, the sound team, the script supervisor, the make up artist, were all pushed up against the wall or in the closet. It was gross shooting in there and at the same time I started questioning my own sanity for having so much fun in that little hole of terrors.

Skid Row is still in post production and it might take a few more months to be polished, but I will share it once it’s ready.

Here’s a shot that I’m color grading for my new demo:

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 18.44.28

A thought

As much as I love photography and working on different projects here and there, nothing compares to working on a story. An actual-beginning to end-with lessons learned-heartfelt story.

Sometimes when I’m on set I feel like the universe opens up to me and all of a sudden I see galaxies and stars and new worlds. It’s like everything is connected, I am connected and whole, and everything makes sense.

The whole world is light and I’m one tiny electron.

In water

Shooting underwater must be one the best things on the planet. There are colors and bubbles and people flying all over and a lot of silence. 

Of course it’s not easy to get a good shot. Sometimes I might shoot 200 pictures but I’ll only like two of them. First of all you have to learn how to stay under the surface, then if there’s too much movement the water will start getting dusty after a while and of course there’s always the issue of getting someone to pose while keeping their face relaxed even though there’s water going up to their brains through their nose. Does that sound painful? It’s probably because it is. But, if you get one good shot then you’re happy until your next shoot. 

Here’s a couple of pictures from this weekend’s adventure:

Mermaid In water