This past week I had the most awesome photoshoot and the best donuts ever with miss Jacqueline at Mr.Holmes bakery. 

Jackie and I have been working together for a while now for her fashion and interior design blog, and every time we try to find interesting locations to shoot. The idea is to create more artistic pictures that don’t look like every other fashion blog out there.

I’m posting some of my favourite shots right here, but there’s a lot more that will be posted on Jackie’s site soon. 

Now that we got that out of the way, who’s gonna take me back to Mr. Holmes for another sugar overload?







I wanted to create a cinematic series of pictures just for fun (and practice). The genre for this one would be some sort of mystery perhaps?Here’s some of them:





I love every single Chinatown in every single country of the world. Not that I’ve been to every single one of them, but I suspect that I would love all of them. 

Here’s a few pictures from a super quick shoot with Bhargavi a few days ago:

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Did a cute shoot yesterday for Jacqueline’s fashion and design blog, A Design Lifestyle

Her place is part of her interior design portfolio and these are some of the shots I took:

Office space

Desk detail

Little red bird



Vase one and two



This past week I shot a robot for the very first time.  Meet Pepper:


IMG_2800 IMG_2806 IMG_2827 IMG_2962 IMG_2967

Pepper was shot for a project developed by Robot Labs. I shot on a Canon 6D and used Kino Flos for lighting.

Just finished another story this week. This one was also shot on the Red Dragon, 6k, RedCode 10:1. We used Canon lenses (I wish we had the budget for Zeiss, but hey, I’m cool with shooting on a 6k camera even if it’s with lenses that I’m not a huge fan of-not that there’s anything wrong with Canon lenses, I just like exploring different looks.)

The story of this movie, is actually two stories. One told at the bar of a restaurant, one at a table. The bar one is a bit more dramatic, the table one is pretty hilarious. In this story we really did use the camera as a storyteller. There are certain camera movements in this film, that are guided by the characters for very specific reasons, but I don’t want to say too much until post production is done.

For lighting we used Arri lights with gels and kino flos. Here’s some stills:

Story of Two - 6

Story of Two - 5

Story of Two - 3


Writer Director: Kagure Kabue 

Camera Op: Taylor Gilkeson 

Gaffer: Geoff Norman

I worked as a DP. 

We were absolutely sure that there was going to be fog when we met at 6am to shoot this short film. Seems that the weather forecast failed miserably, because when we got to the location, there was nothing but blue skies and golden rays of sun.

We still got our shots, but something tells me that Kagure Kabue, the director/writer of this short will have to change the title. 

Here’s some Red Dragon stills from the project:

Jason CU



Through Trees

Taylor Gilkeson was the camera operator, I was the cinematographer and our actor was Jason Corning. 

Video will be posted as soon as it’s out the editing room.


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