Written and directed by Michael Ramos. 

I can confidently say that “Control” is one of the best stories I have ever shot. Michael understands storytelling on a deep level, which means that he is capable of translating the nuances of human behaviour in difficult situations beautifully on screen. 

My favourite lines were probably:

-What are you looking at?

-Nothing, only shadows.

Shot on a Sony A7sii, lit mostly with Kinos and a couple of fresnels. 


We were nominated for best actress and best cinematography for Siskin at the Meisner Technique Studio this past Saturday. We didn’t win, but I am so so so very happy and thankful. Thank you to everyone who came and for the love and support you made me feel. Nothing like it. Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Went to Mendocino with a small crew for 5 days to shoot a 20 minute short called Siskin, written and directed by Genevieve Howell. 

We all stayed in the same cabin in the woods which meant lots of work, lots of talk, lots of wine. Had some great long conversations about what it means to be a filmmaker, saw a trillion shooting stars and some glowing bugs in the dark and laughed a lot. 

The footage wasn’t bad either:gentering












I used Kinos to light the daylight scenes and a few china balls to light the night scenes. 

The short will be screened in December at the The Meisner Technique Studio Festival, so come check it out if you want to support indie filmmakers.

A couple of moments when the camera wasn’t rolling captured by Dani and Gen:


Missing my buds and feeling grateful despite a heavy heart. #siskinthefilm #femalefilmmakers

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Oh hey, I shot a music video and how exciting it is to have this creepy piece of work be released on Halloween.

Future Myth is probably the most cinematic sounding band in the Bay Area and I love their work so very much. What a bunch of talents they are. Enjoy and Happy Halloween kids:

I started working on a photo book that I hope to print and send out to the world in 2-3 months, called “The Animal and Me”. I’m hoping that it will be a series of cinematic night pictures with a loose narrative inspired by my SF experience throughout my years in this city. The book will be a combination of pictures and words – yeah a little bit of writing has been happening. 

Even though I want to post more than one picture from the shoot tonight, I think it would be better to wait until everything is printed out. But I do want to post one picture from every shoot until I go “live”. 

Sneak peak from the first shoot: 


A good director can take any sort of story and turn it into a cinematic experience that grabs you by the face like an alien facehugger . Dani Fortuny give me a call immediately. 

L.A. Dreamers from Dani Fortuny on Vimeo.

This feels like pure cinema. Poetic, visual, emotional, all the right elements to leave you messed up in the head once you’re done watching. 

This must be one of the best shows of our time. Great storytelling, absolutely brilliant acting, mind blowing stuff really. Oh, plus Anthony Hopkins. 

This is my favorite scene so far: 

Changing moods like it’s nothing. Damn Louis Herthum.  


What an awesome, genuine and nice dude

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