A good director can take any sort of story and turn it into a cinematic experience that grabs you by the face like an alien facehugger . Dani Fortuny give me a call immediately. 

L.A. Dreamers from Dani Fortuny on Vimeo.

This feels like pure cinema. Poetic, visual, emotional, all the right elements to leave you messed up in the head once you’re done watching. 

This must be one of the best shows of our time. Great storytelling, absolutely brilliant acting, mind blowing stuff really. Oh, plus Anthony Hopkins. 

This is my favorite scene so far: 

Changing moods like it’s nothing. Damn Louis Herthum.  


What an awesome, genuine and nice dude

Oh hey it’s been a while.

Here’s a few things I’ve been working on stitched together:

Cinematography Demo Reel from Christiana Charalambous on Vimeo.

this looks tight


Did a shoe shoot the other day at the Google studio of all places. Here’s a few shots:


After two days of photoshop work, three different poster versions and a finger callus from squeezing the pad pen , I ended up with this:


Apologies to any professional/super talented illustrators out there, I know that this is probably what you guys were able to create in kindergarten and you are like “pfff please”, but I don’t know, I kinda like it. Or it makes me giggle at least.

It’s been years since I wrote/directed my own story, mainly because I’m not a writer/director. But sometimes stories hit me like a hurricane so I have to make them happen otherwise I can’t sleep at night. 

I wrote the Trade-off in one sitting, rehearsed for a month, shot for 4 days, edited for 2 months and now I sent it to a few film fests. Not sure where it can get in but I felt like it was solid work. 

Here’s the trailer and some behind the scenes pictures:

Shot the first season of a web series, trailer is out, first episodose out next week, woot woot

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