Shooting Stars Are Dead-day something something. We have finally wrapped. 

There must be fifty-five reasons why I love night shoots so much. Neon lights is one of them. 


While I was travelling back home I got an email that went something like this: “Hey Christiana this is Brittany K. we met on the blah blah blah set. Would you be interested in shooting my film?Here’s the script. Let me know what you think”. I read the script, I liked it a lot and I wrote back: “I’d love to shoot your film. It reminds me the work of Gaspar Noe and Harmony Korine.” After that, I got an email from Brittany, saying that her and I spoke the same filmic language. So we got together after I was done visiting my cat and we shot. 

We’re still in production, but it’s been so much fun shooting this film. One, I get to shoot with some of my favorite people from the Bay and two, we have been on a little road trip to get all the scenes. From the Bay Area to Sacramento to Santa Cruz.

Here’s some stills:












Since the storyline goes from a happy place to a very dark place, I felt that it would be suitable for the photography to follow the same pattern. So the first few scenes that are about dreams and the power of friendship are shot mostly during the golden hour, while the scenes that come later are shot during the evening with one or two lighting sources and limited colour palette. 

This is a 20 minutes short that is made for a film competition and will be screened at the Meisner Technique Institute in December. 

Last, here’s our faces after staying up all night to shoot the pool scene:Faces

This is such a great seminar by Sean Bobbitt, who is one of my favourite DPs: 

I wish I knew about this video before shooting Frisky, Jumpers and Skid Row, because for those films I chose to go with handheld and Mr. Bobbitt has some awesome advice on that.

Speaking of handheld, Fish Tank is a great example of great handheld work: 

Directed by Andrea Arnold, shot on 16mm by Robbie Ryan, Fish Tank feels so very European and right…if that makes any sense. There’s all these little moments in the movie, like tiny little stories that help build the characters without using too much dialogue.  

Watch it if you have Netflix, watch it if you don’t have Netflix, just find your eyeballs a way to watch this movie because it’s that great. 

Okie, news on personal projects coming soon. Over and out.

Sutro Baths will always be one of my favourite places in San Francisco. Whenever I’m there I feel like I’m in a melancholic dream.

I went there a couple of days ago to get some shots. Nothing special, just something to remember:

ps I’m a bit sad.

ps The music track is called Goodnight by Stars Of The Lid

Oh hey, we have a trailer for Frisky, directed by Claudia Pickering. 

Frisky is nominated for Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Comedy at the Austin Revolution Film Fest and it’s also an official selection of CineWomen and Broad Humor Film Fest in LA. Here’s the message the Frisky family got from CineWomen: “We are glad to inform you that Frisky has been selected for the Biennial Edition of CinéWomen, featuring independent filmmakers and videoartists. We have been really impressed with your feature film, and we appreciate the way you capture unconscious emotional reactions, as well as your expressive cinematography and clear story telling reminding us of Leos Carax’s early work”. 

When I read “expressive cinematography” the first time I almost fell off my chair. I mean honestly, this is just someone’s opinion, completely subjective stuff. But the fact that someone that never met me, in some part of the planet thought that my cinematography was expressive meant the world to me. I know that there’s people out there winning awards for their work and that’s definitely impressive, but “sometimes someone says something really small and it just fits into this empty place in your heart”.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just weird. But I think that I’m the lucky kind of weird.

Here’s the trailer: <p><a href=”″>Frisky Trailer</a> from <a href=””>Christiana Charalambous</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>” target=”_blank”>http://

Frisky Trailer from Christiana Charalambous on Vimeo.

Jackie wanted me to shoot a video for her one year anniversary as a blogger and so I did. It was a fun and quick shoot on a Sunday afternoon with lots of sunshine. I was pretty happy with the colour grading and the general vibe of the video, so here it is:

Now back to prepping for another 4 days of shooting with the That’s Not A Thing crew. Woot woot!

I’m so tired and I really want to sleep, but first I want to show you this, because I’m really really happy:

Classroom Classroom3 Hallway Lockers Pizza

I’m shooting the first season of a web series called “That’s Not A Thing” that will be out sometime before Christmas.

The screenshots are from day 1. I promise I’ll write more about this, but first, sleep.

Benji sent over another script. Then we talked on the phone. Then we shot for 12 hours. And now we have a really cool short called “Jumpers”.

I had a minor panic attack when one of our actors decided to climb on the railing of the Golden Gate Bridge while we were filming, which I manage to get over two hours and lots of deep breaths later. Then I made him promise that he would never ever do that again. Then he talked to me about the documentary that he wanted to make and how he was going to call me in 4 years to shoot it. I don’t know man, it was a very very confusing day. But the footage came out great, me thinks.

Here’s a few stills:


Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 23.47.48



Currently in post.

This past week I had the most awesome photoshoot and the best donuts ever with miss Jacqueline at Mr.Holmes bakery. 

Jackie and I have been working together for a while now for her fashion and interior design blog, and every time we try to find interesting locations to shoot. The idea is to create more artistic pictures that don’t look like every other fashion blog out there.

I’m posting some of my favourite shots right here, but there’s a lot more that will be posted on Jackie’s site soon. 

Now that we got that out of the way, who’s gonna take me back to Mr. Holmes for another sugar overload?







I wanted to create a cinematic series of pictures just for fun (and practice). The genre for this one would be some sort of mystery perhaps?Here’s some of them:






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